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Srishti, a month long event comprising of series of workshops and Tech Talks is to be conducted at Government Engineering College, Thrissur. Spanning over a month, starting on 27th January 2015 and commencing on 1st March 2015, Srishti aims at inspiring the younger generation, every youthful mind, every heart with a desire, to think innovatively. Innovative ideas have always been pioneers to great milestones in history.Held in commemoration of such a great pioneer from GEC, Sri. K.P.Shaju, Srishti is all set to enrich our experience and improve our skills.

Innovation Inspired By Late K.P. Shaju

Workshops & Events

App Development

3 D Modelling

ASNT Level 2 Basics

Tech Quiz

Microcontroller for Beginners
Feel free to drop us a line or send your brief.
+91 9496864380
Ideator, GEC Thrissur