One of the main assets of ideator is the sanctioned lab which has all the provisions of providing necessary tools and machinery for regular scale projects from students. The main attraction of the lab is that it is mostly looked after and administrated by students and accessibility to the lab is 24x7.Students can work there as per their schedule and even on holidays.



  • Horseplay and unruly behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated at any time in the lab.
  • Machines, tools and equipment must be used in the correct manner and never misused.
  • Machines, equipment and associated areas must be cleaned correctly after use.
  • Any problems or breakages/damage encountered with equipment must be reported immediately to the technician in charge or directly to the Lab manager.


  • All students are requested to enter their names in the visitors’ register provided in the office.
  • Students should give the list of tools they require to the lab in-charge and collect the same from him.
  • On leaving the workshop, students should return the tools they have collected and take back the tool slip from the lab in-charge.
  • Students are requested to clean the shop floor before leaving the shop floor failing which they will not be allowed to use the lab from then.
  • On leaving the workshop, students should get the verified column in the visitors’ register signed by the lab in-charge.


  • Always wear the correct protective equipment for the tools you are using. If in doubt ask.
  • Always ask if you are unsure how to use tools safely.
  • Keep your work area tidy and make sure your work piece is fixed securely before work commences.
  • Always keep clear of any person operating tools and machinery.
  • Tools of any kind are NOT to be removed from the workshop without permission.
  • Take care when walking past other students using tools as you may bump them or get tangled in the lead. This could lead to a serious injury to you or the operator of that tool.
  • Never work alone at the workshop, work at least in pairs.
  • Know where the main switch is. This stops processes immediately should anything go wrong with the equipment.
  • Do not tamper with or attempt to repair equipment or instruments which you do not understand.
  • Defective tools are dangerous, do NOT use them. In fact never use a tool except for its proper purpose.