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Ideator, the innovation club at Government Engineering College, Thrissur was constituted with the aim of nurturing the element of innovation among fellow gec students. The college witnessed the most active version of Ideator since its inception.

We provide a place where our students can pool their ideas and develop it with the aid of comrades, our esteemed faculties and whosoever can help. We provide a platform for the innovators of gec to nourish their thoughts and deliver it to the society.

We encourage the innovative ideas of our students and provide them with whatsoever assistance that is required to transform their idea into a marketable product. We conduct a monthly project evaluation procedure in order to select the innovative ideas of the students and arrange them with the technical and financial aid that is necessary to realize their idea.

We also invites social relevance projects from in and out of the campus and provide guidance and assistance for them. Arranging different programmes constituting of scintillating seminars and valuable workshops also fall under our responsibilities. One of the main assets of Ideator is the sanctioned lab which has all the provisions of providing necessary tools and machinery for regular scale projects from students. The main attraction of the lab is that it is mostly looked after and administered by students and accessibility to the lab is 24x7. Students can work there as per their schedule and even on holidays. Our alumni have been lending their helping hands to us whenever we find ourselves in dark. They are providing us with their unconditional, continued support. They provide us with funds to help us fulfil our aims.

We also provide with technical and financial support to all those students who are participating in various national level tech fests. They will be receiving multi facet assistance, which will especially helpful for those who are interested in robotic events.

Ideator is inspired by the innovation of late DRDO scientist K.P Shaji. To commemorate his ideas and encourage the bright young minds of gec to churn their brains we present awards annually for the best two innovative projects of the college in honour of late K.P Shaji We also make available financial assistance as sponsorship or individual contribution to the projects worthy of it from our alumni associations in the name of K.P Shaji through our alumni. We organise valuable workshop series on technical and innovative ideas by eminent personalities thereby providing the young brains of gec a first-hand experience. We also lend our helping hands to patent the projects of the innovators of gec. We provide technical, social and whatsoever support we can to help them get the patents for their innovative works. We have a team who possess an unparalleled willingness to help the innovative minds. Our team always keep our hands open to welcome the bright ideas and also see to it that the idea has developed into a useful product. We also provide exposure to the innovative projects of gec by conducting project expos inviting eminent personalities and school students. Organising and taking part in online discussions to help nurture a new idea also adds to our activities.

Bringing out the potential from the bright minds of the country remains our first priority. We have been successful so far in encouraging the brilliant minds of the gec to churn their brain amidst the theory classes. The projects that come out of the gec are the flowers of our success. Another contribution of the Ideator is bringing of the innovative minds of all the departments together so that they can club their ideas and innovative thinkings.